King's Game (12A)<br></br> George A Romero's Land of the Dead (15)<br></br> One Night in Mongkok (15)

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Anders W Berthelsen plays Ulrik Torp, an ambitious young journalist suddenly promoted to the parliamentary beat. When a car accident seriously injures a Center party leader in the run-up to the election, a power struggle is entrained between the party chairman (Soren Pilmark) and his rival (Nastja Arcel).

George A Romero's Land of the Dead (15)

One of the most popular horror franchises, launched in 1968 with Night of The Living Dead, is honoured with a fourth instalment. Its vision is pure dystopia: what remains of mankind is protected behind the walls of a fortified city-state while the "walkers", ie. those zombified flesh-eaters, roam the wastes beyond.

Within the towering citadel of Fiddlers Green an oligarch reigns, offering the illusion of comfort to the wealthy few. Scarily, this man is played by Dennis Hopper. Down below, John Leguizamo tries to loot and bribe his way into Hopper's gated paradise.

One Night in Mongkok (15)

Hong Kong writer-director Derek Yee's gritty urban drama examines either side of the cop-crim divide and finds that life in the teeming streets and seedy tenements of Mongkok is no picnic.

When a mobster's son is killed, a hitman is hired from the mainland to exact revenge. This turns out to be Roy (Daniel Wu), no hardened killer but a country boy in search of his missing fiancée. Instead he falls in with a working girl named Dan Dan (Cecilia Cheung). Yee handles the action sequences with aplomb, and delivers one terrifically tense set-piece involving a police raid on a hotel.