La Antena (PG)

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It's tempting to damn this one with faint praise: "If you're going to see one black-and-white Argentinian allegorical silent comedy this year, make it this one" – but there's a faint chance another b&w.A.a.s.c. will come along, and it's bound to be better than this.

In the City Without a Voice, the sinister Mr TV has stolen the power of speech from the citizens; and now he intends to steal the words from inside their heads – but his power can be broken by a boy with no eyes. The Tim Burtonish retro design and the blatant references to silent masterworks (Méliès, Metropolis, Buñuel, Eisenstein, Vertov) don't amount to a style; and even if they did, wouldn't make up for the kitsch story.