Love Me Till Monday, film review: Justin Hardy's comedy-drama is a listless affair

(15) Justin Hardy, 93 mins Starring: Georgia Maguire, Tim Plester, Sarah-Jayne Butler
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Justin Hardy's Reading-set comedy-drama follows Rebecca (Georgia Maguire), a 25-year-old university graduate living a dreary life. She has an office job which doesn't tax her.

Her social life involves half-hearted trips to bars and nightclubs with her work colleagues. She lives at home, looking after her young brother, who is addicted to video games.

The film is well-observed in its low-key fashion, and played with wry charm by Maguire and Tim Plester, as the nerdy boss busy courting her.

Even so, this is a strangely listless affair, which seems as bereft of energy as its meandering twenty-something protagonists.