Made of Honour, (12A)

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Patrick Dempsey is a rich, irresponsible womaniser, Michelle Monaghan the platonic best friend who's the only woman to resist his charm: then she falls in love with another man, and if you don't know where all this is leading I can only assume you've not actually seen a film before, and this probably isn't the best place to start.

For the first 30 minutes or so, it's agreeable fluff, floating along on the leads' charm; but then it declines: cheap gags, many working on the basis that the physically unattractive are fair game for laughs, a trip to Scotland that develops into a humiliating national caricature, and a failure to resolve the problem of a romantic comedy whose principal male character treats women like dirt. Next to this, Judd Apatow is Germaine Greer.

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