Men on the Bridge (15)

Voices of: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi
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The Bridge, in Asli Özge's urban drama, is the Bosphorus in Istanbul, linking Europe to Asia and consequently in a near-chronic state of gridlock.

The film focuses on three young men who are regularly stuck on it, an impoverished flower seller (Fikret Portakal) who can't get a job, a traffic cop (Murat Tokgöz) who can't get a girlfriend, and a cab driver (Umut Ilker) who can't get a break. Özge, working with a non-professional cast, brings a low-key naturalism to this study of struggle in the big city. The cabbie cuts a particularly sad figure, working all hours only to return home to a wife who's fed up with their marriage. "Women only understand a good slap," says his boss, who has clearly missed his vocation as a Sky Sports presenter.