Moshi Monsters: The Movie (U) - film review


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Moshi Monsters is an online, interactive game that allows children to own their own pet monsters. This opportunistic movie spin-off will make no sense at all to most adult audiences and may well leave the kids frustrated as well.

The film is shot in garish, dayglo colours. Its characters are strange-looking gonks with names such as Katsuma and Poppet. The plot is some hokum about the evil Dr Strangeglove, who has got hold of the Great Moshling Egg. The Moshlings are trying to recover the egg while also making a film about their antics. At one stage, a character talks about "nailing goo to the wall". That seems an accurate summary of the film-makers' approach overall. The oblique references to adult entertainers such as Mae West and the trippy nature of the visuals don't begin to make up for the messy, random quality of the storytelling.

Director Wip Vernooij, 81 mins. Voiced by Keith Wickham, Emma Tate