Music and Lyrics (PG)

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Alex Fletcher used to be one of the two frontmen of a 1980s pop group not a million miles away from Spandau Ballet and Wham!. His partner in the band went on to a stellar solo career, but Fletcher is remembered as "the other one", when he's remembered at all. There is some hope of career resuscitation, though, when a young super-starlet not a million miles away from Britney Spears asks him to compose a song for her new album. The only trouble is that Fletcher needs a lyricist... but doesn't that adorably klutzy girl who drops in to water his plants have a way with words? Soon they're making beautiful music together - or reasonably catchy music, anyway.

Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore are the best romantic-comedians we have, so writer-director Marc Lawrence deserves a medal for pairing them up.

And considering how much arm-twisting Richard Curtis apparently had to do to get Grant to do a dance routine in Love Actually, Lawrence deserves another medal for persuading him to sing and swivel his hips at such regular intervals. Opening with a note-perfect pastiche of an Eighties pop video, Music and Lyrics is too glib to be a hit single, but it's a feelgood, frothy B-side.