My Last Five Girlfriends (12A)

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A promising British indie, My Last Five Girlfriends, is a high-concept romantic comedy which uses the Annie Hall technique, most recently employed by (500) Days of Summer, of having its hyper-analytical hero (Brendan Patricks) sift through the wreckage of his previous relationships, particularly the most recent (with Naomie Harris).

His memories are staged as theme-park rides, slide shows, adverts and Barbie-doll tableaux, and even if the special effects look as if they were knocked up on someone's laptop, it's a more creative approach than most romcoms have. Its downfall is that it's too busy making general points about love and life to develop characters you might care for. By the end of the film, we know almost nothing about the hero except that he's such a judgemental, navel-gazing drip that he'd be lucky to get one girlfriend, let alone five.