Nacho Libre (12A)

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Director Jared Hess's inspired debut, Napoleon Dynamite, featured a high school nerd who believed he was the coolest kid in town. The hero of this more mainstream though still offbeat follow-up is another outsider with dreams seemingly beyond his grasp. Nacho (played with typical gusto by Jack Black) is an inept monk in a Mexican monastery. Desperate to impress the orphans in his charge, as well as delectable new arrival Sister Encarnacion, the unlikely fighter joins Mexico's popular Lucha Libre wrestling circuit. The sight of Black's fat frame bursting out of his blue and red costume generates plenty of laughs; as does the Laurel and Hardy double act with his rake of a tag-wrestling partner Esqueleto (Hector Jimenez). The slapstick is married to a verbal humour of sweet, silly non-sequiturs. The result is a slight though charming comedy, with an engaging fondness for its milieu.