Over Her Dead Body, (12A)

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It is quite mystifying why Eva Longoria Parker, of Desperate Housewives, should have chosen the role she has in this godawful romantic comedy. She plays a Bridezilla who, on the day of her wedding, has no sooner finished ticking off the catering staff than she's hit by a flying ice sculpture – and dies! Don't start cheering just yet, because she returns to earth as a ghost and – guess what? – she's still a snitty control freak. She can't bear the idea of her fiancé (Paul Rudd) finding another love, so when he starts dating a spirit-medium (Lake Bell) she steps in to hijack any possibility of romance.

One fears the worst of Jeff Lowell's screenplay when someone describes a tomato as a vegetable, but that's as nothing to the dire slapstick and Longoria's misjudged turn as the undead meddler. Couldn't they have sent her to hell instead?

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