Pusher (18)


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Luis Prieto directs this British remake of Nicolas Winding Refn's 1996 thriller without ever persuading us that it merited a revisit.

The jittery atmosphere of paranoia and rage is certainly spot-on as London drug dealer Frank (Richard Coyle) gets in over his head when a hefty cocaine sale is busted by the cops. Frank is left facing a debt of 50 grand to a druglord (Zlatko Buric) who supplied him with the goods.

Set to a thumping techno-soundtrack as it speeds through a single week of increasing desperation, the film is a terminally squalid trawl inside a nocturnal world of clubs and dive-bars, peopled with lowlifes – Paul Kaye, Bronson Webb, Neil Maskell – familiar from the Britcrim movie milieu.

The freshest face belongs to model Agyness Deyn, though her performance as Frank's weirdly passive girlfriend suggests she shouldn't give up the day job immediately. Prieto's remake has a certain brutal energy and pace, but it adds nothing in the way of depth to the Danish original.