Readers review Inside Job

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"Inside Job shows who really is in power... I would recommend this film to everyone who wants to know what really happened."


"This film should be compulsory viewing for everyone living in a so-called liberal democracy. When the scale of government and fiscal sector corruption we're paying for becomes common knowledge, those bastards will be lucky to keep their heads, nevermind their million-plus bonuses."

Baron Schwarz

"This is so relevant and the film is the best documentary you will see."

Stephen Campbell

"Wait for Confessions of an Economic Hit Man or read the book by John Perkins – I can't recommend it enough! Inside Job will reinforce what I've read in Perkins' tell-all book, but unfortunately it isn't being shown widely enough and not near to where I live."

Eva Moss

"As Michael Moore once said, the role of democracy is to inform. But who will go and see this film? I watched it in Brixton and most people treated it as a comedy. Will it be shown on terrestrial TV? Why isn't the BBC commissioning a British version? It's going to happen again so we should at least educate the next lot of poor suckers as to why they will have to work into their 70s and see their savings disappear up someone's nose."


"Every single person living in a so-called liberal democracy needs to see this film and understand that when politicians refer to bankers as "wealth generators", they're not only talking about their closest funders, friends and family, they're talking about people who've consistently campaigned for the right to defraud ordinary people while taxpayers pay the biggest price. That the arrogant and unapologetic men who caused the current meltdown remain unpunished while their victims live penniless in tents is bad enough. That they've been hired by Obama to protect free market deregulation that will ensure it happens again and again is chilling beyond belief. We need to strike this evil from the heart of government and we need to do it now! Let them know we don't care if their banking mates leave the country – we'd rather live with regulated fairness and transparency than the bloated parasites of financial sector greed and government corruption."

Leroy Schwarz

"I wonder if the people who lost everything and are now sleeping in tent parks are watching Inside Job? Or the families who actually lost loved ones through suicides and heart attacks? That none of the bankers will face the consequences is actually the worst. And as good as it is, this documentary won't change anything either."

Static Mass Emporium

"Do the perpetrators of these giant frauds ever consider the possible damage even to their own families?

It may be only a coincidence, but the fact that both Madoff and Skilling have had sons die in suspicious circumstances should be a warning of the personal damage their actions may cause!"

Ben Ben

"Was disappointed...he [Ferguson] called the last crisis spot on... but apart from watching the bastards squirm... what's changed? It was released in the US six months ago and no rioting in the streets yet."

John O Sullivan

"Fraudsters never think they will be caught because they think they are brighter than everyone else."


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