Remember Me (12a)

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This glum, self-important drama of familial dysfunction stars heart-throb du jour Robert Pattinson as Tyler, a rich kid at odds with his Master of the Universe dad (Pierce Brosnan).

His rage at the world is traced to his brother's violent death, which partly explains why he connects with fellow NYU student Ally (Emilie De Ravin), who saw her mother murdered on the subway 10 years before and who also has a prickly relationship with her cop father (Chris Cooper). Pattinson emotes in a tremulous can-I-play-James-Dean manner and scribbles his profound musings in an elegantly distressed notebook. He's a bit fey, though less annoying than Will Fetters's whiny script and Tyler's effortfully clownish flatmate (Tate Ellington). Hints of class tension streak the cloudy mood, which seems to reach a kind of peace before plunging, disastrously, into a glib 9/11-related finale. One or two good confrontation scenes, but you'll struggle to remember this for very long.