Right at Your Door (15)

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Among the questions prompted by this new era of terrorism is the personal one: how would you react if you found yourself in the heart of an attack? Could you foil a terrorist? Save a life? Right at your Door pushes the question further. Dirty bombs are detonated in the heart of a city, leaving a man's wife contaminated by toxic gas. Does he let her back in the house, or lock her out and save himself?

Director Chris Gorak establishes a taut, frightening mood: set in LA, the film has some of the edginess of the TV show 24. However, once husband and wife Brad and Lexi (Rory Cochrane and Mary McCormack) have settled into their stand-off either side of the door - she vomiting amid the toxic ash, he paying greater heed to his survival instinct - Gorak starts to struggle with the dramatic limitations of a virtual two-hander, and the tension drains away. A sting in the tale perks up the ending, but this is a good idea only partially realised.