Run, Fat Boy, Run (12A)

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Simon Pegg plays another of his slobby north London not-quite-grown-ups in Run, Fat Boy, Run, an affable comedy directed by David "Ross from Friends" Schwimmer. Five years after he jilted Thandie Newton at the altar (really, what are the chances?), he's still trying to get back in her good books, but she has a tall, rich and handsome new man in her life, played by Hank Azaria. In order to prove that he's now a committed, self-disciplined adult, Pegg pledges to beat Azaria at his own game: he'll run a marathon in a month's time.

I'm not sure that a couple of weeks' exercise is enough to compensate for abandoning your pregnant fiancée on your wedding day. And even with a prosthetic paunch, Pegg looks more rodent-like than fat. But if Run, Fat Boy, Run is flabby around the middle compared to the films Pegg makes with Edgar Wright, it still has more laughs than most Britcoms, especially when Dylan Moran shambles into view as Pegg's best buddy.