Smokin' Aces (18)

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Buddy "Aces" Israel (Jeremy Piven) is a Las Vegas conjurer turned gangster who has just agreed to name names to the FBI. His old cronies in the Mafia put a million dollars on his head, so a Who's Who of assassins and bounty hunters descend on Aces' penthouse hotel suite, determined to mark his card.

You can't criticise Smokin' Aces for being lurid trash aimed at teenaged Tarantino fans - that's what it's supposed to be. No, what you can criticise it for is being tedious. Instead of action, we get lots and lots of talking, and lots and lots of characters, most of whom have nothing to do. Ben Affleck and Martin Henderson, for example, make precisely zero contribution to the plot, probably because it's so over-complicated that the writer-director couldn't remember why he included them in the first place.