Son of Rambow (12A)

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Following on from Starter for Ten, this gives the Eighties another affectionate salute via its story of fledgling film-makers.

In the summer of 1982, dreamy 10-year-old Will (Bill Milner) is sprung from his unworldly cocoon when he sees a pirate video of First Blood. He joins forces with tearaway Lee (Will Poulter) to make a low-budget sequel, which they plan to enter in the BBC's Screen Test competition.

Garth Jennings' rites-of-passage picture has wit and warmth to start, tracing an Artful Dodger/Oliver relationship between the boys and identifying in both an absent father. It becomes rather lost halfway, though, when a cool French exchange student (Jules Sitruk) arrives, and a debate about brotherly love and loyalty is clunkingly set up.

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