Storage 24 (15)


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Ridley Scott's Alien has been subject to many adoring homages/barefaced steals in the 30-odd years since its release, but none has been so slavish in its imitation as this British stalk-and-chase horror.

An apocalyptic event has shaken London, the streets are in lockdown, but mad-as-hell Charlie (Noel Clarke) is oblivious: he just wants to know why his girlfriend (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) chucked him.

He gets his chance when they encounter one another with some friends at a 24-hour storage facility, only relationship post-mortems must wait while they figure out what thing is lurking around the corridors. Clarke ("original idea" – ha) and Johannes Roberts (director) are also fans of David Fincher's Alien 3, serving up near-facsimiles of its signature shots and surprise attacks.

There's even dripping alien goo to signal its proximity. A shameless knock-off, though quite competent.