Straightheads (18)

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Straightheads (18, 79mins) is an unpleasant and unconvincing British rape-revenge thriller, in which Gillian Anderson and Danny Dyer are savagely attacked by three yokels on a quiet country road, then go after said yokels with an enormous assault rifle. It aims to take an ambiguous moral stance but only manages a confused one.The Breed (15, 87 mins) is a by-the-numbers horror in which irritating college kids in a remote cabin in the woods are picked off by a pack of guard dogs. The Puffy Chair (85 mins) is a perceptive microbudget American indie film in which irritating twentysomethings fret about their relationships over the course of an ill-advised roadtrip. Reno 911!: Miami (15, 84 mins) sends the officers from a spoof American reality cop show to Miami for a big-screen outing that's funnier than when the Police Academy recruits went to Miami in their fifth film, but similarly puerile. And Scott Walker - 30th Century Man (12A, 95mins) is a documentary about the Sixties boyband member-turned-recluse-turned-avant-garde torchsong artist that explores the music in depth, but not the man. Bowie, Eno, Jarvis Cocker and Damon Albarn are among the talking heads.