Takers (12A)

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Coming only a week after The Town, this cops'n'robbers action thriller looks a very coarse bit of work.

We are once again in a world of violent bank hold-ups, this time the work of a gang of would-be playboys in smart duds and fast cars. Idris Elba plays their leader, the only other notable being Hayden Christensen in an annoying pork-pie hat. The strong point of the film is Matt Dillon, believably driven in the none-too-original role of a cop who's sacrificed his family and happiness in pursuit of the bad guys. "You look like shit, man," says his partner (Jay Hernandez). Actually, he looks brooding, dark-eyed, maturely handsome – like Matt Dillon does. The four screenwriters, including the director John Luessenhop, have not laboured overmuch to dodge the oncoming cliches, and there's a faintly juvenile tinge to the regard in which they apparently hold their well-dressed felons. One chase scene on foot through an office building raises the tempo, but the film, perhaps aiming at the epic quality of Heat, has about as much resonance as a GQ photo-shoot.