Tarzan 3D, film review: Big-budget, German-made animation is utterly lacking in craft or wit

(PG) Reinhard Klooss, 99 mins Featuring voices of: Kellan Lutz, Spencer Locke
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This big-budget, German-made, 3D, CGI foray into Tarzan territory is utterly lacking in craft or wit.

The animation is efficient but bland. The characters have all the expressiveness of plastic dolls.

The attempt at updating Edgar Rice Burroughs' much-filmed story and making it into a contemporary eco-fable is feeble in the extreme.

Even the chest-beating and vine-swinging are performed in half-hearted fashion. An absurdly portentous voice-over is used to plug the gaps in the story.

Footage of dinosaurs is included for no apparent reason. Johnny Weissmuller movies were much more fun than this.