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The Amazing Spider-Man 2, DVD review: Andrew Garfield still makes for an engaging webbed hero

(12) Marc Webb 141mins Starring: Andrew Garfield, Harry Osborne, Dane DeHaan, Jamie Foxx

Andrew Garfield still makes for an engaging webbed hero and Emma Stone makes the most of her underwritten role in this big improvement on the first Spider-Man retread (above).

Peter Parker has Denis Leary’s dead copper’s plea – “Leave Gwen out of it, promise me that” – ringing through his spider senses, so he splits with Gwen, who immerses herself in work at creepy tech company Oscorp, owned by Harry Osborne (aka the Green Goblin).

Osborne is dying from the same disease that saw off his rotten dad and he wants Spidey’s blood, believing it will save him.

Meanwhile, another Oscorp employee, Jamie’s Foxx’s lonely oddball, falls into a tank of electric eels and emerges as Electro.

Dane DeHaan impresses as the Goblin and the central love story convinces, but it’s too long and there are too many super-villains.