The Broken (15)

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This unbelievably ponderous British chiller keeps priming us for some shocking revelations – oodles of "scary" incidental music, ominous shots of the London skyline – and signally fails to deliver them.

Its set-up is possibly borrowed from the old Roger Moore movie The Man Who Haunted Himself. Lena Headey, nicely photographed, plays a radiologist who escapes a calamitous road accident with barely a scratch (the script makes no mention at all of the taxi driver she ploughed into), but then suspects that her doppelgänger is at large. Much is made of noirish effects such as broken mirrors, leaky ceilings, shadowy doubles, but, with no firm grip on his story, writer-director Sean Ellis resorts to fancy slo-mos (the car smash) and spooky "noises off".