The Devil's Business (18)


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In Sean Hogan's paranormal thriller, the spirit of Aleister Crowley gatecrashes a Pinteresque scenario involving two hitmen.

Old-hand Pinner (Billy Clarke) and his idiot sidekick Cully (Jack Gordon) prepare for the arrival of a man their boss wants disposed of; while they wait Pinner tells a story of an old gangland hit from his past.

But the present, in the form of pentagrams and human sacrifices, turns out to be more than either man can handle.

The film's forebears nod to The Dumb Waiter and to John Wyndham's chilling supernatural tale Close Behind Him, with the occult implications gathering in menace around them.

The low budget eventually tells on the enterprise – the special effects look and sound tinny – but committed performances by the two leads see it through.