The Dinosaur Project (12A)


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This low-budget Brit action-adventure piggybacks two big American cousins – Cloverfield for the "found" footage, and Jurassic Park for the monsters. A tetchy cryptozoologist (Richard Dillane) and his stowaway son (Matt Kane) are part of an expedition in search of "Africa's Loch Ness Monster".

When their helicopter goes down somewhere in the Congo jungle, the team soon find that Jurassic larks can have deadly consequences... With its many pixellated shots and camera blackouts, Sid Bennett's drama cranks up the "authenticity" when all we really want to watch are people running and screaming.

The script stinks like dino-poo ("I'm glad we could go on this trip together," says the kid to his dad after several near-death experiences) but for all the silliness you may find yourself entertained.