The Good Night (15)

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This bizarrely uneven comedy drama bolts together the fantasies of Michel Gondry and the bitter relationship rows of middle-period Woody Allen. Martin Freeman plays former Britpop star-turned-jingle writer Gary whose faltering relationship with his girlfriend (Gwyneth Paltrow, doing a favour for her director brother Jake) coincides with his increasingly vivid dreams of a sultry model (Penelope Cruz). He seeks help from a "lucid dreaming" expert (Danny DeVito).

Freeman does a passable variation on his sad-sack persona, but he's on a hiding to nothing with a script that doesn't know if it's lowdown and lecherous or soulful and mysterious. The opening spoof reminiscence by Jarvis Cocker and the half-minute cameo by Michael Gambon seem to have come from entirely different movies. One feels the director might have been better keeping this stuff between himself and his therapist.