The Heartbreak Kid (15)

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The Heartbreak Kid is a remake of Neil Simon's black comedy from 1972. In the grubby hands of the Farrelly brothers, it's been changed from a social satire to a crude, silly farce which is riddled with jarring bestiality gags, and which grinds on for several scenes after the end credits should have rolled. It made me laugh louder and longer than any romantic comedy in years.

Ben Stiller stars as a man who "got married a week early". The manager of a sporting goods store in San Francisco, he's let too many eligible girlfriends slip through his fingers, so when he clicks with a sunny blond beauty, Malin Akerman, he sprints with her to the altar. A day later, as the newlyweds are driving to Mexico for their honeymoon, Akerman's continuous singing, sexual contortionism and deviated septum sow some seeds of doubt in Stiller's mind. A day after that, he meets the friendly, easy-going Michelle Monaghan, and those seeds sprout and bloom.

The Farrellys haven't been so gobsmackingly rude, and Stiller so toe-curlingly humiliated, since they teamed up on There's Something About Mary.