The Holiday (12A)

Careful, Cameron, that's a lot of fluff By Nicholas Barber
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Isn't it reassuring to know in these troubled times that it's possible for gorgeous rich people to find love? That's the message of The Holiday, a bi-continental chick flick starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz.

Winslet writes wedding reports for The Daily Telegraph, and yet she can afford a country cottage in Surrey which is so picture-perfect it might as well be made of gingerbread. I'm obviously working for the wrong newspaper. Across the Atlantic, Diaz is a Hollywood executive whose hair is as shiny as her car. They've both had bad experiences with their ex-boyfriends, which prompts them to talk to themselves at great length, as well as swig wine, play air guitar in their pyjamas and generally audition for a Bridget Jones remake. To put some distance between themselves and their exes, they swap houses for the Christmas holidays. Diaz flies to merry olde England, where she meets Winslet's eligible brother, Jude Law. Meanwhile, Winslet hops over to California, where she meets Diaz's eligible friend, Jack Black. It's all so fluffy that its most down-to-earth scene has a little girl drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows in it.