The Human Centipede 3, movie review: A truly atrocious film

Tom Six, 100 mins, starring: Dieter Laser, Eric Roberts, Bree Olson, Tom Six, Robert LaSardo, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Laurence R. Harvey

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This is a truly atrocious film which takes a perverse glee in its own ineptitude.

The scenes of waterboarding and castration are carried out as if they are larkish interludes in a Carry On movie.

The film is at least partially enlivened by the manic and thoroughly ludicrous performance by Dieter Laser (an actor from the Klaus Kinski school of rolling eyeballs and neurasthenic tics) as the sadistic warden of an out of control American prison.


The film is too kitsch and tongue in cheek to work effectively as a horror movie but so self-conscious revolting in its imagery that it is well-nigh impossible to digest as a comedy.