The King's Speech: What the other critics are saying

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The Independent (4/5): 'The King's Speech is fine middlebrow entertainment, well put together and beautifully played by its leads'.

The Independent on Sunday (positive) : 'Firth's stammering monarch is a sh-sh-shoo-in for an Oscar nomination'.

The Guardian (positive): 'Overall the film is a major achievement, with Firth presenting us with a great profile in courage, a portrait of that recurrent figure, the stammerer as hero.'

The Daily Telegraph (4/5): 'The true-life story of a king's efforts to overcome his stammer in order to face his public, constructed like a contemporary makeover narrative.'

Time Out (4/5): 'The sense of period is strong and made especially real in scenes in which royalty find themselves incongruously in small, distinctly non-palatial homes.'

Empire (5/5): 'Think the blazing joys of Chariots Of Fire where the race is to the end of a sentence. Can it be that the British are coming?.'