The Mist (15)

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Frank Darabont's first adaptation of a Stephen King story was The Shawshank Redemption.

Where that was meant to uplift our souls, this latest intends to frighten us out of our wits. When a bloodied man bursts into the local supermarket crying, "there's something out there – in the mist!" we sense a big B-movie scare heading our way. It duly arrives, forcing regular guy David (Thomas Jane), his young son and a whole supermarket full of terrified customers to take cover.

The film sets up the besieged store as a microcosm of American society, riven with fear, superstition and hidden paranoia. Darabont contrives some terrific scares, and, in Toby Jones's supermarket shelf-stacker, he delivers an unexpected but engaging variation on the dweeb-as-hero.