The Nanny Diaries (12A)

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Amazing cast, abysmal movie. Based on a bestselling book, it pretends to deplore the lifestyles of the rich and shameless Manhattan bourgeoisie but covertly envies and endorses them. Scarlett Johansson plays Annie, a New Jersey girl just out of college without a clear idea of what she wants to do, so she takes a job as nanny to a spoilt, whiny kid, Grayer. Her employer (Laura Linney) is too busy shopping and arguing with her vile husband (Paul Giamatti) to care that the nanny is simply her 24-hour slave.

A voice-over narration aims for the sassy tone of Sex and the City, and misses, while Johansson gives a woeful performance as the meek wallflower – she looks bored, and refuses to raise her game even for love interest "Harvard Hottie" (Chris Evans). Altogether insufferable, and what makes it sadder is that it was made by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini. How did the directors of American Splendor stoop to this mush?