The Rebound (15)

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Sassy suburban Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is the perfect 40-year-old Mum, baking cakes, keeping fit and dodging traffic on the school run. Discovering that her husband had been enjoying unscheduled snacks with Molly-next-door, she legs it to New York with her children to start over, where she meets Aram (Justin Bartha), 24, a cute but feckless college grad.

He lacks direction and looks like Mel Gibson's grandson but he's a brilliant nanny. Can you imagine what will happen? Yes, but there are good things in the witty script ("You should do yoga," advises Sandy's friend. "I'd do yoga," says Sandy, "if I could win.") and the physical comedy. There are uncertainties of tone, the children are hideously precocious, and Aram is so wet you could shoot snipe off him. But the film keeps cheesiness at bay until the last 10 minutes – and it's good to find a romcom in which the only Obstacle To Their Happiness is the guy's need to grow up.