The Rendlesham UFO Incident, film review: Fuzzy horror movie cranks up the tension

(Nc) Daniel Simpson, 83 mins Starring: Danny Shayler, Abbie Salt, Robert Curtis
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This found-footage horror movie becomes increasingly painful to watch. The jerky, handheld visuals, often shot at night, are a fuzzy blur. The soundtrack, meanwhile, is a blurry fuzz, full of hisses, creaks and rumbles.

Its early scenes are the best, or at least the most coherent. Three friends, Guy, Jake and Sally, head off into the woods with metal detectors in search of Saxon gold.

 They don't pay any attention to the horses that, for some reason, are lying dead in the fields. Nor are they concerned with the fact that they are trespassing in the site of a notorious UFO incident three decades before.

Yes, they get lost. Yes, the GPS and mobile phones stop working. Yes, they start bickering. Their cameras, though, are always running, even as the UFOs come flying by. The director and co-writer Daniel Simpson cranks up the tension effectively at times but the film is spoilt by its own inchoate shooting style.