The September Issue (12A)

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The early-warning sign over this insider documentary is that its principal subject, US Vogue editor Anna Wintour, has expressed her admiration of it.

Hardly a surprise, given director RJ Cutler's reverential perspective as he follows the progress of Wintour and her staff putting together – hushed pause – "the September issue". Almost nothing of insight is allowed to intrude on the story, the single point of curiosity being the mild tension between the editor and her flame-haired, forthright creative director Grace Coddington, though anyone expecting the enjoyable bitchiness of The Devil Wears Prada will leave unsatisfied. It's not that the turtle-faced Wintour is cold and controlling – that may have helped her to do the job – it's that she doesn't have a remotely interesting thing to say about anything. I was more engaged by her teenage daughter, whose clear-sighted view of the fashion industry should be a corrective to all involved: "there are other things out there".