The Silent House (15)

Starring: Florencia Colucci, Gustavo Alonso
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The catch of this Uruguayan horror film is its structure, one continuous shot that takes us through a perplexing tale of disturbance, murder and madness.

It begins in a style reminiscent of the 1963 gothic classic The Haunting, as a young woman, Laura (Florencia Colucci), and her father (Gustavo Alonso) hear noises from upstairs in the remote (and not so silent) house they're renovating. The father investigates, while Laura waits in abject terror down below... Director Gustavo Hernández plays tricks with light and sound in a quietly suggestive way, strewing the house with clues – a child's doll, a glimpsed revenant, camera flashes – while the protagonist whimpers her distress in a faintly Blair Witch-y manner. Don't leave before the end credits: the film pieces together the puzzle for us, more or less, in a creepy montage of incriminating Polaroids.