The Woman (18)

Starring: Sean Bridgers, Pollyanna McIntosh

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American Psychos, Part 2. Suburban family man and lawyer Chris (Sean Bridgers – think a straight-man Will Ferrell) is out hunting one day when he spots a feral woman (Pollyanna McIntosh) prowling in the woods.

So he captures and imprisons her in the cellar, enlists his wife and kids as jailers, and sets about trying to "civilise" her. As you do. Is it social satire or horror movie? The writer-director Lucky McKee wants to keep us guessing, and for a while Bridgers's chilling alternation of charm and sadism recalls something of Terry O'Quinn's demonic patriarch in The Stepfather. Too bad it descends into a crude attack on misogyny, though torture porn fans will not feel hard done by.