Three and Out (15)

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This starts out as a kind of dark comedy about a London Tube driver (Mackenzie Crook) who has just had two "jumpers" beneath his train within a fortnight. His colleagues tip him the wink that if a third "goes under", the company will compassionately retire him with a 10-year pension. Once Crook finds a potential suicide (Colm Meaney) to complete his trio, the film turns into a road movie, as Meaney insists first on making peace with his wife (Imelda Staunton) and daughter (Gemma Arterton), whom he abandoned years ago. It's a fatuous plot, full of wrong notes and lame gags, relieved only by Meaney's slot-mouthed belligerence and Staunton's aggrieved matron. It's just a shame that two fine actors have to waste good performances on this rubbish.