Total Recall (15)


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Reissued in anticipation of the Colin Farrell remake, Paul Verhoeven's 1990 sci-fi thriller underlines a basic movie truth: nothing dates like a film-maker's vision of the future.

Though released in 1990, its look is entirely 1980s and notable for its thoroughgoing ugliness – the clothes, the hair, the sets, the special effects, the music, everything. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the working stiff who travels to Mars in search of the identity he lost to an evil corporation. "They stole his mind. Now he wants it back." Recall that? It doesn't make for a fond revisit: even if the eye can stand the garish designs, it will surely flinch at Arnie necking like a teenager with Sharon Stone, herself resembling a refugee from a Bonnie Tyler tribute band. She and Verhoeven did much better work two years later with Basic Instinct.