Tower Heist (12A)

Starring: Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy

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Ben Stiller leads a cast that's far too good for the weedy caper material set in front of them.

He plays floor manager of a swanky Manhattan residence The Tower who's just discovered that the Madoff-ish plutocrat (Alan Alda) in the penthouse has defrauded his clients – and the building's staff – of all their savings. Stiller determines to get the money back, and hires a small-time crook (Eddie Murphy) to help out. Téa Leoni plays a friendly Fed, Matthew Broderick is a disgraced numbers whizz, Casey Affleck is an eager concierge, and all you wonder is: what on earth attracted such top-drawer talent? Surely not the director (Brett Ratner) or a script that has more writers (five) than jokes.