Triangle, Christopher Smith, 99 mins, (15)

Starring Melissa George, Michael Dorman, Liam Hemsworth
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For a while this seaborne psycho-thriller has an unusual creepiness about it. A troubled young mother, Jess (Melissa George), accepts an invitation to a yachting trip with friends off the Florida Coast.

A freak thunderstorm capsizes their boat, and the survivors clamber to safety aboard a passing cruise liner. But is it safety after all? The boat seems to have been abandoned, though sounds are heard down the corridors and deep within the bowels of the vessel.

Gradually, the film atomises into a sort of supernatural puzzle, with characters doubling and then multipying as Jess realises the time lock she's trapped within. The writer-director Christopher Smith perhaps had several films in mind here – one of them surely The Man Who Haunted Himself with Roger Moore, another that conundrum of eternal returns, Groundhog Day – though you feel the film's tension has been fatally holed by the ever-duplicating mystery plot. By the end it's fair to wonder if the whole thing isn't just a stressed mum's nightmare.