Trust the Man (15)

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This smug romantic comedy-drama is the work of someone who would dearly love to be Woody Allen, but is hampered somewhat by not having a sense of humour. Set in an awfully attractive, but awfully familiar New York milieu of complacent white media-types, it focuses on two couples. Julianne Moore (again) is a famous actress whose husband, David Duchovny, has quit advertising to raise their children. Maggie Gyllenhaal is a publisher and children's author who lives with an immature journalist, Billy Crudup. The writer-director - who happens to be Moore's real-life husband - makes most of his jokes about foreigners, gay people and anyone less fortunate than his smirking central foursome, and his insights into the gender divide are just as reactionary: men love cars, sports and pornography, while women just want to get married and have children.