Unmade Beds (15)

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Rumpled, vague and possibly a bit whiffy, Alexis Dos Santos matches form to title in his second feature, telling the parallel tales of two lovelorn young expats flopping down in a London squat.

Axl (Fernando Tielve) is a dreamy Spaniard in search of his long-lost father and prone to bouts of binge-drinking that leave his memory wiped come next morning. Vera (Deborah François) is a dark-eyed Belgian beauty who gets involved with a beardy musician (Michiel Huisman) yet somehow contrives not to find out his name. The film's movement is desultory and maddening at times, and the director's reliance on his cast's powers of improvisation is ill-advised; nothing so determinedly shambolic could ever be truly loveable. But some choices hit the mark, including François and the use of Kimya Dawson's lovely "I'm Fine" on the soundtrack.