Viva Riva! (15)

Starring: Patsha Bay, Manie Malone
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Shot on the dusty streets of Kinshasa, this gangsta thriller makes up in energy what it lacks in finesse. It concerns a small-time hoodlum, Riva (Patsha Bay), who earns himself a quick fortune on arriving at the fuel-starved city with a truckload of petrol.

On his trail are the Angolan employers from whom he stole, their intimidation tactics straight from the school of Joe Pesci. Meanwhile, Riva is also diddling the sexy girlfriend (Manie Malone) of a local gangster – how many enemies does this guy want to make? Writer-director Djo Munga brings Kinshasa to rumbustious life, and should he devote the same attention to character and dialogue he may be a talent to reckon with.