We Are What We Are (15)

Starring: Francisco Barreiro, Paulina Gaitan
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Imagine Fernando Meirelles (City of God) restyling The Hills Have Eyes and you have a little of the flavour (gulp) of this gruesome Mexican satire.

A middle-aged man collapses and dies, leaving his wife and three teenage children close to destitution. This would be bad enough, but the family depend for their diet on human flesh, the victims usually prostitutes. Hunger brings these not-so-fine young cannibals into conflict, with eldest son Alfredo (Francisco Barreiro) facing off his aggressive younger brother to take on the role of hunter-provider. Questions hang in the air – Why does the mother object to eating "whores"? What "rituals" govern their repulsive appetite? – which are gradually subsumed by more universal issues of family dysfunction, inchoate sexuality and grinding poverty. Not a date movie.