Why Did I Get Married Too? (12A)

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Tyler Perry's comedy-drama about a group of black middle-class American friends on vacation in a fancy Bahamas retreat splits right down the middle, the first half comedy, the second half drama.

Both are hopelessly inert and dreary. The ensemble scenes in which the guys banter and the women gossip are merely pathetic; more sinister is the almost unthinking sexism of a script in which the most regular insult from either gender is "bitch". Tasha Smith as the hectoring, husband-badgering loudmouth of the group is so crudely characterised as to be unwatchable – they're only at the airport and she's already called a check-in lady a "ho". Whatever the film has to say about marriage, family or money is expressed through a tremulous therapy-speak that instantly kills the tiniest scintilla of authenticity; Janet Jackson, playing the author of a self-help bestseller with marital problems, comes off very badly in this regard.