Wild Grass (12A)

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I have been baffled by the films of Alain Resnais ever since I watched Last Year at Marienbad at the NFT 20-odd years ago.

Now into his eighties he is still bamboozling audiences with his odd meditations on desire and memory, as Wild Grass demonstrates. A bourgeois family man (André Dussollier) finds a wallet in a car park and returns it, via the police, to the woman (Sabine Azéma) who had been mugged for it on a Parisian street. But for some reason he can't let his find go, and a meeting between them becomes inevitable. How this plodding non-relationship pertains to her interest in aviation is difficult to unravel, and, in truth, not that beguiling. Anne Consigny as Dussollier's wife enlivens the mood briefly, and wears a fetching plaid duffle coat to boot, but dramatically it's uphill most of the way.