Wild Hogs (12A)

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Wild Hogs (12A, 100 mins) parcels out four mid-life crises to John Travolta, a bankrupt businessman, Tim Allen, a bored dentist, Martin Lawrence, a hen-pecked plumber, and William H Macy, a virginal computer nerd. Swapping their suits for leather jackets, they rev up their Harley Davidsons and agree to spend a week burning rubber from Cincinnati to Los Angeles. A short driving holiday doesn't seem like much of a basis for a comedy adventure, and, sure enough, Wild Hogs is never in the least bit wild, even when the men bump into a biker gang, led by Ray Liotta, which doesn't take kindly to dilettantes. Still, it's a harmless time-passer with some nice desert scenery and a few well-executed visual gags. And there's something to be said for a film whose heroes have so many miles on the clock.