You Again (U)

Starring: Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis
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Considering Kristen Bell's previous two films were When in Rome and Couple's Retreat, this Disney-backed comedy could actually be called an improvement.

But it still stinks. Bell plays Marni, one-time "poster-child for the geek squad" with acne and braces, now a high-flying PR exec who's returning home for her brother's wedding. Too bad his betrothed is Joanna (Odette Yustman), her former tormentor at high-school, now a nurse and model of civic virtue who – even more gallingly – claims to have no memory of Marni. This old enmity is mirrored in another battle of brittle between Marni's mum (Jamie Lee Curtis, the cast's single highlight) and Joanna's super-successful aunt (Sigourney Weaver), best friends-turned-enemies from way back when. It's basically a third-rate Mean Girls blended into a wedding-sabotage comedy that has almost no laughs. Almost: Curtis does some excellent frozen smiles and performs a cheerleader routine as if she were back in high-school and loving every minute.