'Salt' takes on 'Inception'

Angelina Jolie hits cinemas this weekend in the US with Salt, which will challenge last weekend's blockbuster, Inception, for the top spot at the box office in a close race.

Moviegoers will choose between two action-packed thrillers - Jolie's spy story directed by Phillip Noyce and Leonardo DiCaprio's sci-fi tale directed by The Dark Knight's Christopher Nolan.

With positive reviews, Salt expects to take an estimated $30-40 million. Action is the actress's strong suit at the box office, with Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Wanted earning the actress big openings.

If the percentage of drop-off for Inception, which earned an impressive $62 million last weekend, reaches 40-50 percent, Salt could reach the number one position.

For one of the first times this summer, neither film is a franchise, sequel or reboot. The other new film releasing Friday in the US is Ramona & Beezus, adapted from a popular book series and sure to draw young girls and families.

Internationally, Inception is the likely winner, opening wider over a couple dozen countries across Europe and Latin America as well as in Australia and Japan. Salt only starts up in a handful of countries this weekend.